Civic art. Social good.

The Curious Citizens Project is an informal arts collective and cultural workshop for civic transformation. We believe that play is an essential (and often underutilized) force for public good and democratic rejuvenation and we act on that belief.

We work *with* communities across Washington, DC, bringing people together to imaginatively redefine, remix, and *play* with the world around them. Sometimes we do this using technology, sometimes we do this using theatre, sometimes we do this using policy, and very often we do this using duct tape. Loads and loads of duct tape.

We play the long game: Whether temporary or built-to-last, physical or digital, policy or polka dots, our experiments are (co-)designed with social justice and connectivity in mind. More about our mission and approach below.

Although primarily run on volunteer time, our work has been supported by the Washington, DC Economic Partnership, the 24hr City Project, the Awesome FoundationDC Funk Parade, National Cherry Blossom Festival, and the Open Technology Institute at New America, as well as countless partnerships and contributions of love, time, and elbow grease from local businesses and non-profit organizations.



The Curious Citizens Project loves to scheme. Whether you're looking for to craft creative mischief, to make a wonky initiative more interactive and participatory, to gutcheck a collaborative process, or to erect a human-sized demo of your neighborhood using only crowdsourced toothpicks, we've got the chops to help you out. 

Send us a note and let's start talking.