Civic art. Social good.

The Curious Citizens Project is a cultural workshop for social and political transformation. Our work melds civic technology, placemaking tactics, and strategic arts to increase and reinvigorate participation in civic life.  

We play the long game: Whether temporary or built-to-last, physical or digital, policy or play, our experiments are (co-)designed with social impact and justice in mind, geared to close gaps and affect long-term behaviors, decision-making, and motivation through short-term, community-lead wins and delights.

We're in it to help communities build creative confidence, level the playing fields of tech and politics, and inspire ownership, stewardship, and play in public commons.

Although primarily run on volunteer time, our work has been supported by the Washington, DC Economic Partnership24hr City Projectthe Awesome FoundationDC Funk Parade, the National Cherry Blossom Festival, and others. 


We're tinkerers: We believe that lasting social change (no matter how small or big) requires a combination of shared experience and suspension of disbelief in order to be realized. This is why our work is devoted to defying the impossibility of progress. When we (the people!) collaborate to defy the impossible, we create a new possible -- a window into what the world could be like if things worked differently, even before we're ready to live with that difference. Creating new possibles allows us to test drive the future, to explore alternative social norms and structures, to generate creative confidence, guide big picture advocacy, and, ultimately, challenge the way we live in the physical, digital, and social spaces that define the present.

Each of our experiments is a play on The Possible We seek to help communities, civil society, and local governments engage in reality bending, too.

In our toolkit:

  • public art intervention
  • space activation
  • community technology development
  • tech and municipal policy expertise
  • placemaking chops
  • well-trained ears and facilitation skillz
  • a healthy dose of imagination


Interested in working together? 

The Curious Citizens Project loves to scheme. Whether you're looking to energize wonktastic activity, create new opportunities for interactivity, gut check a collaborative process, or just create beautiful works of civic strange, we've got the chops to help you out. 

Send us a note and let's start talking.


  • We believe in that participation in public life can and should come from a place of joy, not obligation. 
  • We are stewards of public commons, be they digital, physical, temporary, messy, sculpted, or otherwise.
  • We believe in magic.
  • We believe that people come first and that the best solutions and creations arise only when we work together. 
  • We believe that open access to information and opportunities for play and creation are essential to the development of healthy, vibrant, active communities.
  • We are devoted to making the impossible possible.
  • We believe that living in the present and being mindful of the past are essential components to creating equitable, imaginative, transformative futures.
  • And last, but certainly not least, we believe in you.